When you go with Carpet King Interior, your new vinyl flooring will be professionally installed with exceptional service, You will also findthat our vinyl flooring is cost effective over many other types of flooring options, with modern patterns that will fit into virtually any d├ęcor. Please view our portfolio to appreciate the pride we take during installation, which you can expect with every vinyl flooring purchase from Carpet King Interior

"Our Vinyl Flooring Is Cost Effective over Many Other Types of Floors"

The Pros

Dirt and Water Resistant

First and foremost, nothing resists dirt and water like vinyl. When applied correctly, it is virtually water proof, and spills stand no chance of soaking in or through, regardless of how much liquid hits the floor. It can be mopped up readily, time after time, and water will bead up in place. Dirt and dust act the same way, and usually just wiping with a damp cloth or running a broom or a vacuum cleaner over the top will make it look as good as new.

Nearly Infinite Colors and Styles

If you can think of a pattern and a color combination, chances are that it has already been printed onto vinyl flooring. From squares, triangles, circles, to wood grain, brick patterns and marble, the chances are that you will find exactly what you were searching for.

Unmatched Durability

Many vinyl flooring manufacturers warranty their flooring for 15 years or more, and it is common for vinyl to look extremely good even after 20 years, if properly installed, and with only minimal care and upkeep.

Soft on Your Feet

Vinyl tiles have a layer of felt, or other substance, added to their backs. The result is that it is softer to walk on then wood or concrete, and it is easier to stand on for longer periods of time. That is one of the reasons it is the preferred choice for kitchens, when cooking or baking means standing up for extended periods of time.

Low Cost

Vinyl flooring gives a homeowner one of the lowest cost options for a flooring alternative. Some of the most basic vinyl tiles are almost pennies on the dollar compared to other forms of flooring, yet the performance of vinyl rates at least as high as any of them.

Easy to Replace

Vinyl tiles are some of the easiest to replace kinds of flooring available. If there is a chip taken off a corner or a gouge out of the middle, the entire tile can be removed without disturbing the others and a fresh new one can be put into its place. This is one of the easiest forms of do it yourself flooring repairs, and virtually anyone with a few simple tools can get it done.

Is Vinyl Flooring Right for You?

Vinyl flooring works in places where other flooring might be ruined, and it's versatility means that it can be installed virtually anywhere flooring is needed. However, it is probably safe to say that it works best in a working environment, much like a kitchen or a bathroom, where the properties of water and dirt resistance make it an ideal choice.

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