When you go with Carpet King Interior, your new carpet flooring will be professionally installed with exceptional service, You will also findthat our vinyl flooring is cost effective over many other types of flooring options, with modern patterns that will fit into virtually any d├ęcor.

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Carpet is incredibly versatile, trapping heat in the winter and feeling cool in the summer. There is nothing like walking barefoot on carpeting,

Types of Carpeting


The most popular carpeting available is made out of nylon fibers. It's one of the best for duriability and stain resistance, making it highly desirable, especially if you have kids or pets. Although it may cost a bit more, it also provides more protection than others, and if you want a solid performing carpet for all reasons, nylon carpeting is hard to beat. For the best in nylon carpets, go with Shaw or Dreamweaver brands


This carpeting material features some of the best carpet prices available, but it still can give impressive spill protection and remain durable too. Although it doesn't respond as well to higher traffic areas like nylon does. many consider this to be the best bang for the buck carpeting, and many households choose it over anything else.


Wool is historically the first type of carpeting ever used, and all of the attributes that made it highly desirable back then, keep it at the forefront today. This is a premier carpeting material that is 100% natural, with stain resistance and durability as its high points.

Is Carpet Flooring Right for You?

The types of carpets for homes we have are available for virtually any flooring budget, making your carpeting choice incredibly versatile and affordable. If you have children, pets or give frequent parties or host social engagements, you may choose to opt for a stain protectant that not only allows liquid stains to be blotted up instead of soaking in, and to extend the life of any carpet that they are applied to.

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